Saturday, 27 August 2016

Warsaw, Summer Look & Reflections on Friendship

Finally after nearly two years I went to visit my family and friends in Poland :) Life was pretty busy and difficult last couple of years so it's been a very long time since I saw them last time.
However, the most amazing thing is that no matter how long I have been away I still have wonderful friends there waiting to see me! Honestly, I'm grateful everyday for such amazing people I meet in my life! 

If you have good friends always remember this is a blessing 
(even if they can be pretty annoying from time to time ;) )

My best friend since kindergarten lives in Warsaw so I stayed there for a few days enjoying the city and the best company ever! Seriously, I find it as a kind of miracle that we know each other for nearly 25 years, we both went to different universities, work in different fields, meet once in... a year? two?? and still we understand each other like no one else! She is one of the most important people in my life!

Łazienki Park, Warsaw

I moved to Iceland six years ago leaving all my friends and family in Poland. People say that it's hard (even impossible) to make friends after university and even harder on immigration. It's understandable because people with age become more reserved, focused on family, busy with career... simply usually they don't need new people in their life and don't want to invest energy into getting to know another person. 

Maybe we get hurt and disappointed enough so we do not want to trust new people?? 

Taking this into account I think of myself as an extremely lucky person. I still have two very good friends in my home country which ALWAYS make time to see me (even take a day off!) and here in Iceland I met a few new ones. And the group gets bigger :) Of course, there are closer friends and a bit less close. With some I don't meet often but when we do, I just feel like it's another soul mate, the topics for conversation never end and are very diverse. I love people I can have deep conversations, that have opinions, goals, challenge themselves... Such people bring huge amount of positive energy, inspiration and lift me up, often subconsciously. I take this as one of the biggest blessings.

As a very young girl I used to have quite sharp opinions and would rather look for people which share similar views. Luckily, this has changed over the time and now I enjoy discussions with people having different opinions and backgrounds. I learned to value the difference and broaden my horizons by understanding their point. 
Look by Zara, bag Michael Kors, flats & sunnies - no name

This look is also on my You Tube channel :) 

I meet a lot of great people. Not all of them I call a friend but still I'm grateful for having the opportunity to meet and talk to them. I wonder how am I doing this since I'm rather an introvert!
Well, maybe that's the key. I don't meet people during parties, just having fun together. I meet people by working with them or on events where we need to talk and interact each other. When I feel comfortable with someone the conversation just happens (ok, I'm a woman so talking is in my nature too ;) ). This way with random people I end up talking about meaning of life! And I love it! 
Another reason I think, is paradoxically that, I don't expect or look for them! I never craved to find a friend. Not that I thought I don't need friends. I was just used to my own company, grateful for having some good friends even far away and... I guess being kind and polite also matters ;) Even tough I know that people can be mean beasts I never have precautions when I meet someone. I don't feel like I should be careful what I say, if they get my jokes - fine, if not I adjust to them and stay more official. 

Being able to notice the beauty of small things around is called happiness.
Life is just a collection of moments, isn't it? 

The last thing, I learned about having many friends I want to share today is that it's ok if they don't have time to meet me! They probably really don't! I don't feel offended if I don't get fast replies to my messages or our 'let's meet for a cup of coffee' takes a few weeks ;) What I experienced is that the closest friends will find time when I really need them. And I don't expect from less close friends to be a priority. I think that if people enjoy my company sooner or later we will have a nice chat :) 
Everyone is busy nowadays so I guess being relaxed and having less expectations about people will eventually positively surprise you! 

Recently this quote is quite popular:
"You gotta understand the difference between someone who speaks to you on their free time and someone who frees their time to speak to you"

I don't agree. I think that if someone spends time talking to you he or she must enjoy it! Otherwise they would go and check Facebook ;) Time is the biggest value in our era, it's worth to appreciate when someone is giving it to us :)

By writing this post I want to say THANK YOU to my wonderful friends and people I met in my life. It's such an honor to have you all!

Do you have people you are grateful for in your life? Make sure to tell them!


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